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Our firm remains fully functional through remote operations. Phone and email communication continues as usual.
As the world deals with the challenges of the coronavirus (COVID-19), Maxwin Immigration and Education, LTD hopes that you and your loved ones remain healthy and safe during this difficult time.

We would like to inform our clients that we are conducting consultations via telephone and videoconference. Please contact us at 1.416-500-6583 or send us an email to to book your consultation.
We also continue to work on and file all Citizenship and Immigration applications on behalf of our clients.

We will continue to monitor the situation with COVID 19 closely and provide updates as they become available.

Maxwin Immigration and Education LTD

Maxwin Immigration and Education LTD is committed to providing you the best customer service and advise in the field of immigration, education in Canada. We specialize in many of immigration law, college recruitment in Canada. Our knowledgeable staff speaks several foreign languages to assist you.
Certified specialists in Temporary Resident Status in Canada
Request for Information on
previous applications to CIC/IRCC

Our firm will assist you to obtain all your previous files and documents pertaining to your previous applications to CIC/IRCC.
This service cannot be requested by an individual who is not in Canada.

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Canadian Citizenship

As of October 11, 2017: in order to apply for Canadian citizenship, you must:

  • Be a Permanent Resident (PR)
  • Have lived in Canada for 3 out of the 5 years before you apply
  • Were physically present in Canada 1095 days during the past 5 years before you apply
  • Days spent in Canada before becoming a PR (as a temporary resident or protected person) may count as days, up to a maximum of 1 year (365 days)
  • Had filed your taxes for at least 3 years during the last 5 years and any income tax you may owe must have been paid
  • Provide proof that you can speak and write in one of Canada’s official languages - either English or French (if you are between the ages of 18 and 54)
  • Take a Citizenship test (if you are between the ages of 18 and 54)
  • Apply for citizenship from within Canada
  • Have no prohibitions to obtaining citizenship
  • Declare that you plan to live in Canada after you become a citizen

Our firm will professionally prepare your citizenship application, calculate your physical presence in Canada and provide answers to the most challenging issues that you may have.



We provide the most comprehensive services to people who dream of moving to Canada. We guide our clients through the process step-by-step using our unsurpassed range of services. By offering innovative solutions to any problems, we help make immigrating to Canada stress-free and enjoyable.

With many years of experience, we have built a reputation for being immigration and education experts. To date, we have helped many people successfully move in Canada.

Our team of experts know how and where to apply your documents so thoroughly yet quickly which will minimize any wait times.

Services available in English, Russian, Ukrainian and Polish.

We advise and assist you in collecting and organizing the required documentation. We also ensure that it’s presented in the proper format with the appropriate content.

When you engage us you get an experienced team of multi-lingual professionals available to assist you with your needs.

We assist you at every step of the process, from applying to immigrate to finding your first job.


We specialize in the following areas of immigration and education in Canada



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FAQ (frequently asked questions)
How much are your fees? What is included in that cost? Do you have representatives in other countries? Can I obtain a fiance visa and come to Canada? What types of medical conditions make you become medically inadmissible? What is a background/security check? Should I hire an immigration consultant? I live outside of Canada. How do I work with you? Who is a dependent child? What is spouse, common-law partner or conjugal partner? Which category should I apply? Entrepreneur or Investor? Can an entrepreneur manage/establish any type of business?
Immigration terms
Work Permit Study Permit Business Immigrant Convention Refugee Dependant Entrepreneur Family Class Government-Assisted Refugees Skilled Worker Self-Employed People Provincial Nominee Investor Flows


Express Entry is an online system which involves both the federal and provincial governments, as well as Canadian employers, and is expected to facilitate a faster processing time.
More information...

Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)

New entry requirement now in effect: visa-exempt foreign nationals who fly to or transit through Canada need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA).
More information...

Canadian Education World

Canada is considered to have one of the best educational systems in the world, and Canadian educational institutions can accommodate students of all interests and backgrounds.
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About Canada

“Compared with other industrialized countries, Canada is the clear winner in many areas. Not only is Canada the world’s most diverse and tolerant society, but we’re a uniquely privileged nation – wealthier, healthier, and happier than practically any other place on Earth. Canada offers the highest quality of life and abundant opportunities for all. Canada is truly a great country for immigrants and offers spectacular natural beauty, a healthy environment, cultural diversity, lively communities and a strong economy.”— Maclean’s magazine – July 6, 2009


  • We got referred to Alexander Harchenko at Maxwin Immigration by our friends who had a positive experience there. Alexander is very thorough in his consultation, very helpful and goes above and beyond for his clients. His extensive knowledge and experience helped us make right decisions in our not so simple case. We highly recommend to contact his firm if you need a professional and proper help.

    Nadiyka Valenyuk
    25 december 2018
  • Maxwin is the most professional and knowledgable immigration service that myself and my husband have had the pleasure to deal with. Mr Alex Harchenko is a very kind and helping person, who is always available to talk and help when needed. He has helped my husband obtain a work permit and is now helping us with our sponsorship application. We highly recommend Maxwin to anyone who needs help with their immigration needs!

    Violetta Semchuk
    15 november 2018
  • Highly recommend Maxwin as the most professional immigration service. Mr. Alex Harchenko is top qualified and knowledgeable immigration lawyer. Moreover, he is very supportive and caring person. He will find solution for any critical situation. I was desperate and lost my hope , due to the mistakes of previous immigration consultant, but Mr.Alex did just a great job - with him I obtain my study permit and PR. I am so grateful for all his help!Definitely recommend Maxwin team as the best in immigration field.

    Yurii Vovk
    05 november 2018
  • A serious person and a serious approach to the case, helped to go through the path of emigration from beginning to end, I definitely recommend.

    31 october 2018
  • I spent quite some time looking for an immigration lawyer that would help me with getting my PR. I was very stressed out and nervous about the whole process. After browsing the Internet, I saw a lot of people recommending Maxwin. I decided to book a consultation with them. From the very first minute of talking to Alex, I knew I could trust him with my case. He is very knowledgeable, personable, understanding and caring! During the whole process, Alex and his team were always there for me if I had any question or concern. They go above and beyond to win your case! They make sure you are not worried about anything and make the whole process of applying so easy and smooth! I know that my decision to work with Maxwin was one of the best decisions of my life! So if you're looking for an immigration lawyer go to Maxwin. They are just simply the best!

    Ilona Borgoyakova
    1 october 2018
  • Perfect service, fast communication, reasonable prices. We had no issues during our application process. Alex knows even small details, just follow his guidlines and you will get whatever you need. I will definitely recommend him in future. Thanks!!!

    Ievgenii Markov
    10 may 2018
  • The best one can choose for immigration services! Alexander professionally managed us throughout the whole process by giving hand in every second being available anytime, we knew that we were secured as he was our advisor. Thanks to him we got our PR less than a year, which is amazing! Thank you! We definitely recommend his services.

    5 may 2018
  • Alex Harchenko is a trustworthy immigration professional! I was referred to Alex by a friend f mine when my case was in a dead end, I literally was desperate... Prior to coming to MaxWin, I was cheated by so called ''immigration consultant'' (fortunately, she is not practicing any longer). Alex found a solution and supported me through the whole process answering all my questions in a timely manner. Alex was giving me the feeling that we will win no matter how complicated was my case (it was really complicated). If plan A didn't work, we went to plan B. He is very experienced legal professional and I actually referred a lot of my friends to him. Most of them already got their PR, some of them - in a process. Thank you Alex for my PR! I was a pleasure working with you!

    Ekaterina Grigoryeva
    19 february 2018
  • I would like to say huge thank you to Maxwin Team. They did a very good job helping me to get my new WP and a PR status. Easy to work with, time sufficient and very professional. Will definitely use their services again.

    Victoria Tsitskishvili
    11 january 2018
  • When I called Maxwin Immigration Office for the first time I had really bad and stressful situation with my immigration case. Not only it was hard to figure out immigration itself, it is also a good part of a pressure coming down when you don't know what exactly to do now. Alex and his team made me feel a lot more secure right from the beginning, so I decided I will be working with them. Definitely very experienced and professional team I can't remember a question that wasn't answered and I have asked thousands of them. Lots of work been done since and I'm finally happy camper with my papers.

    Maxim Amyaga
    15 december 2017
  • It’s been a pleasure to work with Alexander Harchenko and his amazing group they all make this PR journey a lot easier. Since the beginning Alexander listened to my needs and goals and carefully reviewed my case. He explained to me the process I was about to go through and walked with me every step of the way. I’m so grateful for his professionalism and dedication towards my case. Maxwin Immigration Group went above and beyond my expectations. I highly recommend Alexander Harchenko and his team to anyone who needs experienced, knowledgeable and trustworthy lawyers that constantly proof dedication and commitment for their clients.

    Clau Guillen
    04 december 2017
  • I’ve been working with MaxWin Immigration Group for several years already and I can say with confidence, I couldn't be happier with the service I received! I would like to thank MaxWin team and especially Alexander Harchenko for being so supportive, reliable and detail oriented. Alexander Harchenko helped me to obtain study permit, work permit, PR, visa for my parents. He did an excellent job in every aspect. Alexander was easy to get a hold of, always available to answer any questions, and he made this experience very easy and stress free for me. Thank you again Alex for being so professional and dedicated! Without a doubt I would recommend to all my friends MaxWin team as a great professionals in immigration field!

    Anastassia Gribkova
    15 september 2017
  • Maxwin immigration company was the first place where I came for a piece of advice regarding immigration processes in Canada. After the first consultation, I decided that I trust these knowledgable people who will definitely work in a professional and trustworthy manner.
    Aleks Harchenko became not only an immigration consultant but, moreover, a friend. Any question, concern, I knew that I always can ask and rely on him. In addition, Aleks knows the answer even before you ask him. He thinks 10 steps ahead. That really impresses me!
    I am referring all my friends who need help with immigration to Canada to Aleks, and will do that in the future.
    Based on my personal experience, I can say that I am fully satisfied and happy to become a permanent resident of Canada today!
    Aleks, thank you so much! It's your one more win!

    Kristina Zaporogets
    13 september 2017
  • Hi everyone, I've been working with Alexander Harchenko and wanted to say that I am very happy to have such a dedicated, fully involved with integrity and supportive professional immigration lawyer who helped me and a few my friends to get our Permanent Residency status in Canada. Now he will be helping me with a sponsorship process of my parents who I am bringing to Canada. You will be truly satisfied with work that he will be doing for you and results that you will be getting out of this work. Very detailed oriented which is one of the key factors in this practice. Thank you.

    Alexander Taraiev
    10 september 2017
  • I would like to express my utmost satisfaction with the services provided by Maxwin Global.
    My immigration consultant was Alex and he made the seemingly complicated and tedious process of becoming a permanent resident (I applied under the Skilled Worker program) a breeze for me. I was holding the sought after PR card in less than a year after our first consultation with him!
    Alex is extremely knowledgeable in his field of practice and always updated on all and any changes taking place in the Canadian immigration legislation. He was giving me valuable advice and guidance on every step of the way and immediately informed me of any issues to be addressed, progress in my application status etc. I never had to liaise with CIC myself or even worry about writing a cover letter!
    Alex is the type of person who is so thorough in anything he does for a client that he would rather call back and double check even the smallest detail, letter or a digit than make a careless but costly mistake. The amount of time we spent on my application, in person and by phone, is worth a lot more than the price I paid for the package. And to be fair, I paid exactly what I was told about from the very start of our work and not a dollar more.
    Alex is very approachable, positive and easy to work with, and it is with my great pleasure that I would recommend anyone to engage him as your advisor of choice.
    Good luck!

    Masha Verbitskaya
    2 september 2017
  • Working with Alex from Maxwin Immigration was a true pleasure. He made the process of obtaining PR very pleasant and stress free, by showing confidence in the case, staying up-to-date with the latest immigration changes and amazing attention to detail. With no doubt in mind I would recommend him to anyone who is seriously considering applying for PR or any other immigration-related matters. Thanks Alex, I'm sure our paths will cross again.

    Julia Sinyakina
    24 august 2017
  • Outstanding service - professional, detailed oriented, reliable and reasonably priced. All the steps I needed to take were clearly communicated and supported by MaxWinGlobal team. I was notified about all the news and updates right away with no delays. I was walked by the team through all application steps and till the final phase, and was very confident that I'm well supported. The application was carefully prepared and triple checked before submission. The landing was therefore smooth and stressless. I have no complaints whatsoever, the team went above and beyond my expectations. I highly recommend MaxWinGlobal and Alexander Y. Harchenko personally. Thank you so much!

    Mars Kosatkin
    01 april 2017
  • Started working with MaxWin Immigration last year on the advice of a friend of mine. From the first meeting with Mr.Harchenko it was clear to see his professionalism, knowledge of law and attention to every detail regarding to my case. As an international student, for me was very important that my case was in the hands of professionals and I could fully concentrate on my studies. I’m still continue working with MaxWin Immigration on my next case. I highly recommend their services!

    Misha Anikanov
    02 march 2017
  • I have been a client of MaxWin Immigration for more then two years.
    I would say, I am a difficult and suspicious client not easy to please. I am very grateful to Alex and appreciate his patience and willingness to help. Being very experienced professional of a high level, he has been able to build our professional relationship based on total understanding and trust. My case has not been that simple, but in spite of all drawbacks Alex has always been doing his best with all possible efforts to fix the matter and get things done. Within last two years all upcoming questions and problems with my case were resolved very precisely and professionally. The results on my case excelled my expectations due to Alex’s performance and ability to deliver.
    MaxWin Immigration is very reliable company and I recommend it to all my friends and keep working further with it.

  • I am very glad that I completed my permanent resident application through Maxwin Immigration Group. Alex who represented me handled my application with excellence from start to finish. Throughout the process Alex was always available to answer my questions and clarify submission information. Having a dedicated and experienced professional like Alex explain the process and advise on important steps made it simple and easy to complete. I would highly recommend Maxwin Immigration Group.

    April 17, 2016
  • We are very happy to be dealing with Alexander on our immigration case.
    Alexander handled our case in the utmost professional manner, and provided his services to the highest standards. His knowledge of immigration laws and practices are superb and he does know this area inside out; he was very knowledgable even in the most peculiar and subtle immigration law aspects, and was able to provide detailed answers to all the questions we asked.
    Working with Alexander indeed helped us to go through this important stage in our live without stress and made it an enjoyable experience! His professional advice, experience along with timely and relevant communication with immigration authorities led to successful completion of our case in the short period of time.
    In fact, Alexander was recommended to us, and he really exceeded our expectation.
    Out of 1 to 10 we definitely rate his services with 10 points - completely satisfied! Also, we will be recommending Alexander to our family or friends if such opportunity arises.
    Once again, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Alexander and MaxWin team for all the help and services provided to us!
    Please advise if you have any other questions or need further clarifications.

    O.P and S.L.
  • My name is Igor. My family used Maxwin Services for sponsorship process of my parents. Maxwin Immigration is the most professional company in the immigration business.They took care of all my needs and even called my parents in Ukraine. Alex is very professional and very knowledgeable, detail oriented. Highly recommend.

    Igor Markov Ukraine
  • Профессионалы во всех отношениях. Обратившись за помощью получили услуги, которые превзошли все наши ожидания. И самое главное что результат взаимоотношений с компанией оказался 100%. Советую всем кто интересуется иммиграцией и образованием в США и КАНАДЕ, но до сих пор наскакиевает на грабли взаимоотношений с непрофессионализмом компаний с пост-советского пространства. Лучше иметь дело с людьми которые непосредственно знают рынок иммиграции и образования изнутри и держат руку на пульсе этой сферы, а не изввне.

    Aleks Tus
  • We got what they promised

    Aleksej Romanov
  • I called on Max Win because of a great feedback from another client. I needed to obtain Study Permit, Work Permit and PR. I would like to thank Max Win and especially Mr.Alexander Harchenko (Immigration Practitioner) for the excellent job!!! Mr.Alexander Harchenko is a great professional, who knows the law and always gives a good advice ahead. He is very polite and willing to help with any question! I wish Max Win and Mr.Alexander Harchenko success, prosperity and good luck! Thank you so much for your job!!!

    Mariia Lokhanskaia

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